Cassie Jones (they/them or she/her)

Witch of Light. Maker of lotsa weird projects. @porglezomp on twitter.

The Witch of Light Blog - My blog.

My reading list - See the books that I'm currently reading, have read in the past, and am planning to read in the future.

Be the Witch of Light - A goofy little art page that used to be the main page here.

Checkers - A page that gives you your own online multiplayer checkers board. It doesn't enforce the rules. Try using it to play Checkers 2!

Calibornstuck - A project which lets anyone submit redrawn Homestuck panels, working to slowly get the entire comic remade in Caliborn's style. Anyone can contribute!

Seer of Void - a toy implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing.

ROSE-8 Tools - An assembler and disassembler for Jordan Rose's ROSE-8 ISA.

Bewjewled Practice: A Horrible C Mangler - Takes a C program and turns it into a whole lot more files and includes.

Cognitive Ball Torture - Made in response to a tweet, recombines parallel acronyms for you.